Which Android permissions does Tenta Browser need and why?

When you install any software onto an Android device, you must grant the app certain permissions before it can be installed. The following permissions are necessary for the Tenta Browser to run properly.

We need the following permissions so you can use the built-in VPN.

  • Full network access
    In order for us to fetch, retrieve, and show you the internet, we need permission to access network data through Wi-Fi or mobile network connections.

  • View network connections
    The permission allows Tenta to detect when you’re offline so we can adapt accordingly.

These permissions are not mandatory, but requested when you trigger an action that requires them.

  • Storage
    Tenta needs this permission to allow you to open, download to, and manage files found on your storage outside Tenta’s Media Vault so you can save, share, delete, move, or view them.

  • Photos/Media/Files
    This allows Tenta to encrypt your data, and access your file storage to save your downloaded files.

  • Camera
    In order for you to scan QR codes, we need permission to read the camera input to look for QR or barcodes.

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