Something like this for windows computers>?

Hi People, Marcus here, I just was reading about facebook and other social sites and their claims of protecting privacy And the fact that the truth is now coming out that they essentually lie outright to users. I think every one of them should be required by Law to send each user a detail history of these databases on individual and get specific permissions to do this. And we should perhaps consider boycotting businesses in the future that buy user info. Is there ways that a Windows user can protect themselves and their personal data in a way similar to what Tenta does for android devices?

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Hey Marcus!

There are a few things you can do protect yourself on your Windows device today.

Regardless of browser, use private browsing mode with an ad-blocker and HTTPS Everywhere.

That said, as you’re likely already aware of, “private browsing mode” or “incognito mode” is a misnomer - it doesn’t actually make one invisible. So, you should also use a VPN every time you connect to the internet, especially if you’re on a public WiFi network.

Finally, configure DNS over TLS/DNSSEC. Here’s how to set up Tenta DNS for Windows:

Cloudflare and Quad 9 also offer secure DNS options.

Once Tenta for Windows is ready, you won’t have to worry about all of these configs. These privacy features will be built-in and on by default. :shield::octopus::dagger:

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