How to set up Device Wide VPN

Join Tenta Pro and get unlimited device-wide VPN. Your pro account expands Tenta’s VPN to all apps on your device, not just your browsing activity. With device-wide VPN, you can hide your location, thwart third party monitoring, and unblock the internet on all of your apps.

How to turn on Device Wide VPN

Once you have an active Tenta Pro subscription, open any Zone's settings by tapping the VPN card on a new tab.

Under VPN Coverage tap Device Wide. This will start an encrypted tunnel for your entire device.

You can choose which location you want to connect to the internet through here as well.

Additional Settings

Auto Re-connect You can instruct Tenta to auto-connect Device Wide VPN whenever the connection gets disrupted.

Per-App VPN If you want to protect more than your browsing sessions, but not your entire device, Per Zone VPN is for you. Tell us which apps you want to protect when you have Tenta VPN turned on. Tap VPN connection per app to bring up a list of apps on your device.